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13 December 2009

Oh Tannenbaum

Just when you thought there was nothing new under the sun in regards to Christmas trees, here is the extremely beautiful and, as far as I know anyway, very original ‘tree’ outside the Space Needle here in Seattle.  It’s made of interlocking spherical ‘cages’ wrapped with thousands of tiny white lights.

{I was going to say, please excuse crappy iPhone pics, but actually it’s really rather staggering what you can do with a little mobile phone camera nowadays}

IMG_0206  IMG_0200



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Bad pictures??!! These are good-my fiancee has an iPhone and am always presently surprised at how good his pictures turn out. What an intriguing idea-such a pretty tree!

You do better than me with my iPhone! Great pictures :)


Wow!!!!!!!!!! That's pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

That is one cool tree!

I know, it's cool isn't it? I wish I could find out more about it. Unfortunately I think they change the tree in front of the Needle every year, because I think this one is worth hanging on to.

That really is gorgeous... Still smarting over the loss of my day in Seattle with you in October! Dxx

D, Seattle will be waiting for you in 2010...can't guarantee the weather will be as good as the weather you missed though :)

Suddenly feeling a bit disatissfied with own pine fest.

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