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Owner of online boutique. Mother of five year old. Photographer, foodie, design obsessive.


I run 'mirrormirror'- an online lifestyle boutique dedicated to helping you live happily ever after.

We spend ages looking for irresistibly beautiful and original items of fabulous quality made with infinite care and love by up-and-coming designers and craftspeople.

'mirrormirror' is not about big brands or bling or things you can find everywhere on the High Street Instead we look everywhere to find gorgeous and unusual items which will make life just a little more special.

In between cushions and bracelets, I am the mother of a nearly three year old daughter. I'd like to 'live my brand' and be the sort of mother who wears cashmere rather than snot and spit-up, but have so far singularly failed in this endeavour.

In November 2006 we moved to Seattle from Notting Hill in West London, when my husband took a job at Microsoft in Redmond. Now I'm doing up our a funny old Craftsman house which had been decorated by colour-blind people and running the business 'remotely' in between looking after my daughter.

Some days I think I could explode with stress, but mostly it's fun.

Welcome to my world.

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Interior design, fashion accessories, running my business, London, travelling, reading, dreadful reality TV shows, cooking, eating, photography, watching my little girl grow up and trying to remain sane.