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24 January 2006

Top Drawer

Autumncatalogue_2 Last week I pulled on my extremely filthy and decrepit-looking ugg boots - needed to wear the comfiest footwear possible - and made my way to Top Drawer, the big Spring trade show for high quality fashion accessories, homewares and gifts. 

I was able to leave the Minx with her father on the Monday afternoon so could whizz round about half the show fairly efficiently.  However, the standard was sufficiently high this year that I decided to return again on Tuesday, this time with a grumpy baby girl in tow. Who absolutely hates being in her buggy for any length of time and who had resolutely decided that an afternoon nap was not required.  So I spent a large part of the show carrying a howling and snotty baby on my shoulder, while trying to talk to potential suppliers - the very picture of calm professionalism. Not. Embarrassed apologies once again to all those potential suppliers who had to put up with a shrieking child grabbing at the shiny jewellery on their stands (my daughter is definitely a 'mirror mirror' girl...)

Usually when I go to trade shows I gather all the bumpf together and then don't look at it for several days in order to see which products stick in the mind and which I therefore MUST have.  This past week I seem to have been thinking most about the gorgeous bags and small leather items from Angel Jackson and stunning crystal earrings from Darling It's Perfect (just loving that name), so really hoping to be able to get them on the site soon.

The above pictures are from the Angel Jackson website and in no way represent what I looked like while walking round Top Drawer.  Sadly.


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