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17 February 2006

True Brits


Some questions.

Aren't the Kaiser Chiefs just a Jam tribute band? 

Weren't Prince and Kanye about a gazillion times better than anyone else?

Is anyone else thrilled that Coldplay have decided to take a break? 

What is Chris Martin doing with a Kevin Keegan perm? (Poor Gwyneth).

How did James Blunt survive in the Life Guards with that voice?

Was this the final nail in the coffin of Chris Evans' career?

When will someone tell Madonna (whom I admire greatly) that her long stringy hair looks awful? Totally wrong colour and completely wrong for her face shape.

Feel much better having got that off my chest. Next stop the Oscars I think...


1.Yes but I like them.The lead singer makes me laugh.
2.Prince is always better than everyone else.
3.Oh God yes. Chris Martin is up there on my hate list with that god forsaken woman Mariah Carey.
4. He is hideous. Perm or no perm.
5. James Blunt: Bless him. He's a strange one.
6. Yes.
7.Oh don't get me started on Madonna: I adore her but I can't bear that hair, or those damn leotards and wierd tights. I preferred her in her country/cockney phase...

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