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30 March 2006

Grendma Chic (sic)

He he! Does anyone out there speak Russian? Can you translate this page? Are they being rude? What is a grendma? Getting lots of traffic off this today, so I presume they're being complimentary.


Not to worry, I've found a online Russian translation site and this is apparently what the first paragraph says:

It can to you already lusciously, but me, at present, only and ???????. House. With ??????????. Slightly. With pink glaze. And native, as old cowards. Well all right, not cowards. But you have understood me.

Even later...

I've now found a website that will translate the whole page. Impeccably. (Am secretly very thrilled to have Russian fans - world domination can't be far off.)

Later still...

This is all getting a bit silly. We're now (courtesy of our Karin Eriksson beaker) apparently in the Russian Interior Design Handbook. Check out today's wonderful translation.


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как старые трусы

Definitely a bit harsh.


Yey for grendma chic and old cowards! You have understood me?

We have some weird spooky thing on going on, you and I. Yesterday I downloaded 36 new pictures of Russian dolls, another obsession of mine, and then I forced myself to stop... and here you are posting some!

There is nothing funnier than reading the translation of internet dictionaries. Funny thing, the word cowards and underwear in Russian is spelled the same but the emphasis are on different vowels. Russians feel very sentimental towards decorations on porcelain (as in those pictures), wooden spoons and dolls and all things culturally Russian. This is the correct translation to the post:

Perhaps this is too cute for your tastes, but currently for me these result only in a smile. It reminds me of home, with just a bit of garishness, coated with a pink glaze (often used to set the decorative painting on old Russian porcelain), and so familiar, like on old pair of underpants... well allright not underpants but you understood me

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