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01 March 2006

I have just fallen in love...

... with some bars of chocolate. Found through Karin's Style Blog. I may have to look into buying some in for the shop - they are just SO mirror mirror, darling!


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I love Karin's style blog!!! :)

packaging is everything as they say! And packaged chocolate you can't go wrong with that!

Hmmm. Not quite everything. I fear I am going to have to conduct some EXTENSIVE taste tests...

Lady Glendower has asked me to advise you that she will definitely be ordering some of the pistachio....

AND she loves the stacking egg cups. Fabby.


Well, I've emailed them, but no reply as yet, so Lady Glendower may have to wait.

I must also advise her that if she would like some eggcups she should put in an order PDQ as they are flying out the shop faster than I can get them in...

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