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15 March 2006

Karin Eriksson


I loved the glimpse we got in the Decor8 article mentioned below of Atelier LZC's stunning design studio. At mirror mirror we get enormous pleasure from sourcing products from talented designers and craftspeople who make their products themselves, often fully by hand or finishing them by hand, rather than producing them by machine or in some vast sweatshop in China. It means that you won't see many of our products on your local High Street and that very often the product you end up buying will be completely unique.

One such supplier is Swedish ceramicist Karin Eriksson. Reading her beautiful and inspiring blog was one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. She recently wrote a great post showing herself at work making her beautiful Signe vases. I knew that she made her things by hand, but I'd just never focused on just what that entailed (duh!) - the amount of skill and practice and time and patience and effort that has gone into and goes into creating each piece.




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