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19 March 2006


I don't really like to Madonna-bash as I admire the woman, but I can't believe she let this photograph see the light of day, let alone make it onto the front cover of a magazine.


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OMG She looks awful! I adore Madonna but I'm still annoyed she has never played in Scotland. I prayed she would for the Reinvention tour but to no avail. If she had I would have bought the most expensive tickets but due to flights, accomodation etc when I saw her she was just like a little butterfly. But man she was great. Doesn't look like this tour she's coming to Scotland either. C'mon Madge, we let you get married here and Rocco was baptised in our Kirk too, you owe us big time!!

She looks like an alien! An anorexic alien. It's just plain wrong, no-one with the ability to have good hair should do this to themselves. Maybe she is trying to make the rest of us feel better about how we look?

This is possibly the WORST photograph I have ever seen! She looks as if she is about to sneeze! Or maybe she is yawning through her ears~ The stylist has probably "vanished" never to be heard from again! Oh my!

Madonna is the master of reinvention- she knows how to make people notice, it is not about looking pretty, it is about no limits about Being Out There for the sake of challengeing peoples ideas.
She got our attention!

YESSSS! She looks EXACTLY like she is yawning through her ears!

Corey, I hear what your saying about her mastery of reinvention, but I'm still not convinced she needs to change herself into a one-eyed alien.

Actually this looks to me like the work of an overenthusiastic amateur photoshopper bearing a grudge.

Hmmm... Is it possible that this is a photo by Loretta Lux? See what I mean:

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