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24 April 2006

American Idol

Oh well, I suppose I'd better 'fess up. I love American Idol. It is the perfect Friday night TV for those of us for whom going out on a Friday night is but a distant memory (here in the UK we get a hugely edited version of the performance show and the results show in one fell Friday swoop).

Except this season wasn't really getting me excited, well, not in comparison with the beyond awesome series 3 with Fantasia, LaToya, Jennifer Hudson (I LURVED her - I'm so thrilled she's going to star in the movie of Dreamgirls) and the adorable George Huff.

Until last night, when Taylor Hicks - the long lost lovechild of John Belushi and Father Ted - had me jumping about in my living room. Yes, I am that sad. First 'goosebumps' moment of the series so far.

You send me

While I'm in an American Idol frame of mind here are a few of my favourite performances from previous seasons.

Here are a couple from the last season's incomparable Bo Bice

When I'm down


And here are a couple from probably my all time fave Jennifer Hudson.

Weekend In New England

I Have Nothing

And finally Fantasia's breakout performance, also from season 3.



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Hello, my name is Michelle and I am an Katherine Mcphee-aholic! I would buy her CD tomorrow. I love her voice. That said I am also swooning over Taylor . . . and Chris. I think it is wounderful that this season has a bit of a mix and a lot of originality. They aint no sheep, thats for sure!

Hallo, my name is Loness and I'm a cow (can we say that in your blog? Ill try and be a lady), and I confess to lovng the audition bits, where I laugh till I cry ove the singing and feel so sorry for the poor dears at the same time. The good singing doesn't tickle me as much.

And you have fashion and decor links, and I can taste it all! And now I'm doomed.

Ha! Thought you would be watching. This was the first week that got me going too - I nearly gave up after Queen week (although, of course, it was a nice tribute for her 80th...)

It's not the same when I don't have a favourite, and I really don't this year. Last season I was absolutely a Bo woman - that clip you posted of his unaccompanied song in the "semi-final" was one of my favourite AI moments ever - really spine-tingling.


Not seen it but from your picture I'm totally getting the lovechild reference, spooky isn't it.

Oh Michelle - I'm very much afraid that Katherine leaves me stone cold. I can see that she is very beautiful and I can hear that she has an exceptional voice, but she seems rather Stepford-wifeish and I always find myself doing something else when she comes on.

Now Taylor, on the other hand, is not the best singer in the world and his performing style is er, original, but I always end up watching him with a big grin on my face which I suppose makes him my fave.

But D, you're right, this year I don't have anyone I'm rooting for that strongly, it's more that I want anyone to win who isn't Kellie Pickler.

Can someone please explain to me the Kellie Pickler obsession? Really! I just DONT GET IT!

"It is the perfect Friday night TV for those of us for whom going out on a Friday night is but a distant memory"

And yet you also seem to have an in-depth knowledge of earlier series that surely predate the birth of your lovely daughter...:-)

Cannot get over the spite of ITV programmers, who started to show AI on terrestrial, only to pull the plug once I had become emotionally involved. All I can do now is read other people's comments like child with nose pressed up against sweetshop window...


Damn! I forgot. So sorry Liss - I meant to tape for you. Will do next week - promise!

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