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17 April 2006

Decorating Ceramics - Karin Eriksson


One of our favourite suppliers, Karin Eriksson, has written a fascinating article on design blog Whip Up, explaining how she prints the designs on her fabulous beakers and vases.

When you read this and also see her at work in her studio, there can be no doubt that every item that Karin produces is a true work of art. Karin also writes a cool blog, where she discusses her design inspirations.


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thanxx paola!

You're wrong, you know, it does count for a lot. Every little bit helps, thank you for taking the time to comment. It does mean a lot that strangers are bothered to care. I am obviously anaemic now but have started taking an iron suplement, and eat rather healthily in general so I expect I will heal fast, or as fast a spossible, considering. And I am taking it slowly, my body doesn't really give me a choice. Meh.

I am also very happy you now have your baby, once thing infertility blogs have taught me is that it is a terrible heartbreak. I am glad you are one of the lucky ones. Thanks again.

I love Karins work! It is so delicate and pretty. I love her teacups too. I am actually in the process of writing something up on her for Creative Swoon. She's a popular gal!

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