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16 April 2006


Img_68861smaller Oh, I’m the yummiest mummy that ever lived! I’ve made an Easter tree!
What you need to understand about this statement is that although I always have hugely good intentions about doing yummy things for special occasions, I hardly ever get round to actually carrying them out - due to lack of time, lack of vital equipment, lack of application and lack of any true crafty skills.
And to be fair, this tree is not exactly as I intended it. It was supposed to be made of twisted willow, but Notting Hill appears to be in the throes of a twisted willow shortage, so I had to make do with less twiggy twigs.
Img_68821smaller The eggs are blown hens eggs filled with chocolate ganache from Rococo chocolates (the Husband’s Easter present) and they are all supposed to be tied to the branches with ribbon, which was amazingly fiddly to do, so only two made it on to the tree. And I realised while I was making it that it was rather sparsely decorated and some pretty daffodil-yellow bows tied to the branches would have made all the difference (and then we could have sung dreadful songs by Tony Orlando as well).
But sadly I’m still rather proud of it and the Minx likes tugging at the wooden bunnies and birds which is sort of the point.


I think this is a lovely Easter tree! How fun for the Minx!

He he! You are TOO kind. But the Minx is still young enough to be easily satisfied...

See HOW doomed? I love tat you call her Minx, even if it isn't her real name, I find it absolutely lovely! And that tree is gorgeous, makes me alost sorry I don't celebrate Easter. Not that it would stand for very long with my cats but - oh, gorgeous!

She claims no crafty skills but the tree says otherwise. And another skill, managing to get ANY ganache filled eggs to survive long enough to make it to the tree at all. I'd have wolfed them!

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