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12 April 2006

Flowers for Spring

I have decided that I need to acquire a large, sunny room with a dark polished walnut floor, white walls and diaphanous floor-to-ceiling muslin curtains. In one corner I will have a huge grand piano and the rest of the room will be completely empty except for a different exquisite piece of furniture every week.

Last week's piece was the Liberty chair. This week's piece is this incredible leather appliqued screen by Susannah Hunter.


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Well, maybe this room exists somewhere in Seattle!! Here is your golden opportunity!

Remind us what your piano repertoire consists of again? ;-0

Oh I am so in love with that screen. Tell you what Paolo, how about we split the cost of this dream room and use it when we need to escape from babbas and men and business? Deal?

My piano repertoire is er, limited. But if we had huge grand piano then I'm sure the Minx and I could learn together.

Alison, that's an excellent idea. In which case I shall add a huge comfortable shabby chic white sofa to one corner. And a plate of chocolate and dried cherry brownies from the Green & Blacks cookbook.

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