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28 April 2006



Don't hate me too much, but this time tomorrow I'm going to be here. We found it through a fabulous website called Luxury Link which auctions off packages in luxury hotels at quite ridiculous rates. So we've got a suite and everything.

Am so looking forward to being back in the land of my forefathers (well, not exactly, my mother came from Piemonte) - it's been over two years since we were in Italy, which is two years too long in my book. And it will be nice to take the Minx to the land of her forefathers for the first time too, though this time round we're just chilling and not visiting relatives.

So I'll be back on Thursday. Don't miss me too much. I've set a couple of posts to launch whìle we're away (whether they do or not is another matter entirely) so you can pretend I'm still here. Missing you already!


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Have a wonderful, wonderful time! I'm not jealous at all!!!

Oh brill, that sonds absolutel fabulous! I don't hate you, I think you're lucky!

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