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24 May 2006


Ruth Cross chair

I went to the Pulse trade show this afternoon at Earl's Court.

I went to my first trade show, together with my then business partner, just over two years ago. I felt like a complete charlatan then, as at that stage we didn't even have a company, our little shop was just a dream and I had no idea even what questions we should ask. I remember thinking that no supplier in their right mind would give us the time of day, let alone agree to associate their brand with ours. Instead people were super-friendly and helpful and many came on board before they ever saw the finished website.

It was such a different experience today. Now when I go to trade shows many of our suppliers are there, so I get to have a good gossip with them all. When I'm talking to potential new suppliers I have a much better idea of what I'm looking for, what jives with the mirror mirror brand and what will sell well online. I am unfazed by talk of minimum orders and pro-forma invoices and can talk with authority about future trends. In short I appear to have become a shopkeeper. And very nice it feels too.

Current trends include masses of lime green and turquoise for late summer; graphic swirly patterns; vintage fabrics and black and white. And it looks like there's going to be lots of rich burgundy, purple and grey around for winter.

I also got to see in person the gorgeous knitted chair by Ruth Cross which has recently featured on both Cally's blog and Decor8.


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I'd love to knit something this dramatic. That would be a great feat!

It's SO fab. I'd love to knit something like that too. Would make a change from (unfinished) baby clothes. Of course you'd never let anyone sit on it afterwards though.

I'm completely in love with that knitted chair! Wonder if it could be applied over an upholstery job... hmn....

Am I missing the point, or wouldn't you have a rather uncomfortable cable knit ridge sticking into your nether regions?

I bet it's one of those chairs you're meant to look at rather than sit in, huh? :-)


Er, there was a rather sad little sign on the chair at the show asking people not to sit on it - which did make it seem rather impractical.

Though doubt that the cable knit ridge would be that uncomfortable, unless you had a very delicate little bottom.

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