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13 June 2006


So, I've been taking my spoonful of oil every morning and afternoon and have by now ingested thousands of extra calories in neat oil. I am deliberately not doing anything else which might be construed as 'dieting'. I am eating everything I want to eat and only exercising when I feel like it. By rights I should have put on a least a couple of extra pounds in weight.

But, my body appears to have been taken over by an alien. A thin person. The sort of person who forgets to eat, who can eat three-quarters of the way through a chocolate bar and then put the rest away.The sort of person who pushes plates away announcing that they are 'stuffed', and who eats her favourite things first because she knows she won't have room later on. I have lost my taste for sweet things and heavy carbohydrates and am craving fruits, vegetables, fish and light foods such as Thai stir-fries. I'm drinking loads of water. If I don't do some exercise during the day I start to get stir-crazy.

In short I am doing everything that one is told to do to lose weight, but unlike every other diet I have been on ever, I am not having to exert a single ounce of willpower. On the contrary I spend most of my time feeling like I've eaten too much, until I analyse what I've eaten and it's not half as much as I was eating before. I have no idea how this is working, but something is definitely different. And, not surprisingly, I have lost 3 pounds in two weeks without the slightest effort.


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Wow. That's really interesting. when I have a little time I shall plough through the forums. Any consensus on the best type(s) of oil?

...oh, and those shoes are *gorgeous* :-)


The thing about the oil is that it should be as flavourless as possible - apparently it is flavour which triggers off the brain to think that it should eat. Seth Roberts recommends Canola oil and extra light olive oil (not sure what the UK equivalents are).

The thought of necking neat cooking oil disgusts me, so I've been using various healthy Omega 3 oils (mostly made of linseed and hemp) which I find in the health food shop. I did try olive oil one day and found it made me very nauseous unlike these other oils.

The Omega 3 oils do have flavour and it is completely revolting. However, I've been getting round it by holding my nose when taking them and then drinking tons of water afterwards, so I don't really taste them at all. This seems to work given the response I've had so far, and my skin is also much clearer.

So what type of oil do you take?

Nevermind...duh...I read your response above! LOL

S'OK. I've included a link at the top to my original post on this which should make things a bit clearer.

Umm, this is revolutionary! Wow. And thank you for being the Guniea Pig! I'd never be the first to start eating oil! But if its working, I will gladly be your sheep!

Wow! This post is almost as fascinating as the goat thread! Am happy to let you be a guinea pig for another few weeks - let us know if it continues to work. Will you be continuing oil ingestion during Sardinian sojourn?


OK, well I've bought the stuff, and vile it tastes, too. Can't say it is making the slightest difference - but then it doesn't help when you have a husband who pulls trays of freshly-baked bread out of the oven mere minutes after you have taken it, not to mention piles of home-made chips for the kids' tea. Must stiffen resolve...

Do you know, I followed your link and it does make some sense, from an evolutionary (i.e. adaptive) perspective. It is actually the sort of bioanthropological morsel that I love, it's absolutely fascinating. Will give it a try, maybe thighs will melt away. I'll let you know. And thanks, this cannot hurt at all.

Oooh, I'm glad you think it makes sense, being a clever veterinary-type person. It makes me feel less gullible and naive. Will update you all later in the week.

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