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04 August 2006

Here Be Dragons

It's back! One of the best shows on TV, the ever-wonderful Dragon's Den.

Since setting up my own business I'm finding the recent slew of business-oriented reality programmes even more compelling and inspirational - it's fun trying to second guess which investors will be successful and what aspects of the business plan the investors will pick holes in.

And there is something rather encouraging about seeing some of the delusional people they manage to unearth and realising that you're not quite the worst business person on the planet.

Though I do always wonder what the Dragons would make of mirrormirror.


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I don't live in the UK, so I've never seen Dragon's Den. But I definitely agree with you about these types of business-oriented reality shows being inspirational. I enjoy watching how others tackle the problems the show's producers put in their way, and comparing their efforts to how I would go about things. It's definitely better than watching an hour of sitcoms or whatever!

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by! The format of this show is that people with start-up businesses pitch their ideas/business plans to a group of investors (the Dragons). These are all wealthy businesspeople who are being asked to invest their own money and potentially time. So we get to judge the 'contestants' on the quality of their ideas (some REALLY crazy), and the quality of their presentations, plus the negotiations about business valuation. The interesting thing is seeing which are the few businesses to get investment - it's not always the ones you think.

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