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10 August 2006


My brother bought me a fabulous book the other day.

Do you ladies remember Jackie magazine? I got it every week when I was growing up and had a huge stash in my wardrobe that I would re-read constantly. Everything I know about boys (practice kissing on the back of your hand), makeup and fashion has been gleaned from its pages.

The Best of Jackie is a compendium of highlights from the magazine - fashion, advice, quizzes, Cathy and Claire's Problem Page (were we really that innocent?) and lots of pictures of Donny Osmond. It's a really great piece of nostalgia and the fashion illustrations (no photography used) are surprisingly groovy.


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I flicked through a copy of this in Waterstones last Christmas, and felt I SHOULD buy it, but somehow I don't connect it with my youth at all. Maybe missing out on this rite of passage explains why I am still slightly clueless about hair and make-up (boys still a bit of a mystery too, come to think of it).

What I do remember, though, is endlessly drawing Jackie-esque profiles of girls with pert upturned noses and impossibly curly wispy blonde hair...

Quiz of the day: who is Jackie named after?


paola, i get my emails to you in return! so here's a last desperate attempt - i'll send you the two beakers today. cheers, karin

My mum brought a Jackie issue back to the states after a visit home in 1973. I still have it - a little worn around the edges, but still readable! And it does have Donny Osmond's picture on it. I remember screaming myself hoarse at his concert ...thanks for a walk down memory lane!

The illustration you've picked out is by my mother - it's so funny to stumble across one of her drawings on the web!

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