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14 September 2006

Very Important Question

An awful thought has just occurred to me.

Is this stuff easily available in the States?  Specifically in Seattle?

Because if it isn't, I'm not going.


Yes, it's in most grocery stores :).

Oh Yes!! Nutella is definetly found inmost gricery stores, here it the U.S.

I adore this stuff and have it everyday. Now if they would only make bigger jars of this then I wouldn't look like a total pig when i buy three jars at a time!! LOL LOL

Oh that's made my day! Thank you!

Missy, I'm not sure about in the UK (not in my local supermarket anyway) but in France and Italy you can buy 3kg (6.6 lb) jars of Nutella. Is that big enough?

Fear not, you'll find it next to the peanut butter in most grocery stores!!!! Now will you bring your fabulous shop with you, please?

Oh you can also get big jars of it at Costco. We love Nutella!

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