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30 October 2006

Origin-ality (embroidery)

So I was just tidying my desk (the packers are coming in tomorrow!) found a couple of business cards and realised that there were a couple of people from Origin I still wanted to mention.  And yes, I'm well aware that everyone else in blogland finished discussing Origin aeons ago.

First up is Hannah Lamb, who makes all manner of quirky hand-sewn pieces, including these rather splendid pin cushions, which I would have bought if I were at all the sort of person who uses a pin cushion.


Someone who is definitely the sort of person who uses a pincushion is Claire Coles, whose beautifully embroidered vintage wallpaper is a huge favourite of mine. If and when mirrormirror opens a shop, you can guarantee that I will specially commission one of her large embroidered wallpaper pictures for the wall.

When we were first setting up mirrormirror, we went to visit Claire at her studio.  It was so interesting seeing her work - not just wallpaper, which she sources on eBay, but also embroidered tea cups (not terribly practical) and furniture. 

This time round we had a brief chat about getting a couple of her smaller artworks onto the site as special order items and I need to follow up on that pronto quick.  In the meantime even her business cards are stunning.

Other people who've been writing about Origin (more efficiently and comprehensively than me) include Karin Eriksson (on Whip Up and also on Design* Sponge) jewellery designer Abigail Percy and Joanna at Atelier 455, who's written a ton of insightful posts. It's a mark of how good the show was that we've all been able to write about such different people.


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