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15 October 2006

Origin-ality (silver and ceramics)

Better late than never, I thought I'd post up my thoughts on Origin, the fabulous new London craft fair, which has been taking place over the last two weeks in a superb new venue in the courtyard at Somerset House.

The purpose-built pavilion was wonderful - spacious and full of natural light - and the show itself was the perfect size -  loads to see, but ending before that point when your eyes glaze over and you never want to see another hand-knitted teapot ever again.  And we were lucky enough to go on two occasions when it was warm enough to have lunch afterwards outside on the terrace overlooking th Thames, such a fab thing to be doing in October in London.

Anyway, highlights for me included Sian Matthews' amazing bendy pewter doilies (which looked great bent round a coffee table)


and etched silver bowls on matching acrylic mats.

and Lynn Miller's funky silver and acrylic salad servers and ice cream paddles (which would make a great Christening gift - fancy being 'born with a silver ice cream paddle in one's mouth').  I'm clearly going through a silver and acrylic moment.

In ceramics I loved the handpainted vases and platters from Alexandra Mitchell and Annette Bugansky's wonderful 'knitted' vases (also some fabulous 'knitted' ceramic buttons).  I'm going to be exploring whether we can get some of their products onto mirrormirror.

I also treated myself to a 'ceramic butter dish that looks like Tupperware' from the lovely Johanna at YoYo Ceramics and am also investigating getting her apples and Pears kitchen tidies into the shop.

The absolute ceramics highlights for me though were finally meeting up with one of our favourite suppliers and blogging superstar Karin Eriksson and seeing the work of the amazing Kate McBride, who makes incredible rococo-style porcelain, which at first glance looks like it should be in Buckingham Palace, but which reveals all sort of witty modern references when you examine it more closely.

I'm not entirely sure her work would fit into my house (just imagine the dusting!), and it really is too kitsch for school, but the absolute highlight of the whole two weeks for me was the sublime madness of her enormous and literally awe-inspiring rococo porcelain lovers' chess set, complete with large porcelain figurines representing the chess pieces and a standalone porcelain double bed and wedding chapel that the pieces could retire to half way through the game (don't ask) .  Apparently Selfridges have commissioned a couple (which will retail for £750) and I would have got one in for mirrormirror, but it's not exactly mail-order friendly.  Unfortunately Kate doesn't yet have a picture of it available on her website.


I've just realised that I've got loads more people to mention so I think there's scope for another post tomorrow


I love the etched silver bowls!

I love the wares, so unique I having a hard time looking for ceramics that will fit in my dining room

Absolutely love the Sian Matthews. Please say you will be selling him at Mirror Mirror!

I love those knitted vases, never seen anything like those before.

The silver is so delicate, but I think I have to put in an advance order for the ceramics... Apple spoon rest and ceramic 'tupperware' butter dish please!!

Sorry, Paola, incorrect blog url - here it is.

The Sian Matthews stuff is sadly rather expensive (not surprisingly since it's all sterling silver). So unfortunately I won't be selling the pieces through 'mirrormirror' just yet, much as I'd like to.

However, I should soon be getting butter dishes and tidies, so I have noticed your advanced order ;)

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