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07 November 2006

If you were Bill Gates

and had all the money in the world, would you really choose to live HERE?

I'm afraid Seattle is not doing it for me just yet. 

This is the view of Puget Sound from the other side of our apartment (the one which the aliens have not yet attacked).  The smudges in the middle are huge ships. 

For literally five minutes on Sunday morning I saw that beyond the boats there is a view of the other side of the bay and beyond that the snow-capped Olympic mountains.  For the rest of the time we've been here there have instead been Olympic quantities of rain. 

I hate to speak ill of the Husband's employer but Bill must be stark, staring mad.


I don't want to be contrary but I do love the rain--not clouds for no reason, but rain is fun and cozy. I've always wondered if I'd still feel that way after living in Seattle. Anything can be fun in manageable doses, right?

Is this Seattle's traditional weather?!

A friend of mine started to commute into Seattle to work, and after a week or so whe looked up from her PC and out of the window and shrieked as someone had put a mountain there... sounds as if the weather does tend to drawn in. I guess you've turned up at the worst time too.

I've always heard good things of Seattle - hang on in there! And it's nice and convenient for trips to Vancouver...

Jet lag is crap - hope it gets better soon - please send new address!


I've heard Seattle has the highest suicide rate in the country. Not sure if that's true or not, but I know I need sunshine on a regular basis. Seattle is great to visit though!

Bill Gates must be mad when he could live anywhere on earth...Do you think he likes grey skies and rain?
I am sitting here, under the parasol in Provence, with a big sweater and a bottle of wine if you need a place to talk...

Hey, you guys, is talk of disappearing mountains, suicide rates and Provencal parasols meant to be helpful?

I agree that rain can be cosy when sofas, hot buttered toast and good books are involved, but less so when you're trapped 12 storeys up with a toddler who appears to be fuelled by thermo-nuclear combustion, and who is either singing 'Oll Macdonal A A Fum' on a continual loop, or is raving on about the Teletubbies.

Paola wrote (among other things):
"Hey, you guys"

Had not realised that you would be going native so rapidly...


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