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07 November 2006

Sleepless in Seattle

We made it.

2.30 am on Sunday morning and the jetlagged Minx is full of beans and ready to begin her 'day'.  Her mother is not quite so full of beans and is languishing exhausted on the sofa.


Note superb view of Seattle's Space Needle from our apartment window (and the reflection of a somewhat dubious light fitting).


Congratulations on making it to Seattle! That view looks stunning. Don't you think that the light fitting looks strangely similar to the top part of the Space Needle, just upside down?

I knew, just KNEW that the effects of jetlag on a small person would allow you to title your first post thus. :-D

Glad you arrived safely and much looking forward to hearing all your adventures. Good luck and *ahem* Have a nice day! ;-p


PS Can't believe Anton has left the Strictly building :-(

PPS Can't believe you've sold out already of the gorgeous bath selection. Am going to place an order to await next stock right now...

Thank goodness you made it there safe and sound. And what a wonderful view you have. Do tell us what the city is like when you have settled. I have never been to Seattle but would love to go.

Cherry xx

I know. I'm so predictable. I thought it would be best to get the 'Sleepless in Seattle' puns out of the way early.

New stock of bath selection boxes should be with us today, so you can place your order.

Unfortunately I can't say very much about Seattle so far as there has been torrential rain since we arrived.

I'm told this is the worst rain they've had all year (all the rivers are bursting their banks) and that they've already had more rain than they normally have in the whole of November, but I don't believe this for one moment as it seems to be like this every time I'm here. Apparently its all Hawaii's fault.

All a bit of a bummer as the Minx and I can't wait to explore.

I can't wait to hear all your Seattle adventures!

Glad to hear you have arrived - hope you feel settled soon - look forward to hearing about your new home soon.

Guy Fawkes, Schmawkes... I bet Seattle will beat bonfire night hands down! Hope the rain stops soon so you can get out there and find 'your' places.

Aliens! And they've come to kidnap the tower an' all. The Minx doesn't exactly look scared either. :D

He he! That's because she's under the thrall of Baby Einstein. I am currently wishing they'd kidnap her. She woke up at 4.45 this morning and has not yet had a sleep, despite me being absolutely dead on my feet.

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