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23 November 2006

Speaking of toast

Isn't this glorious? Totally impractical but absolutely glorious.  So glorious in fact that I'm really tempted to buy one or even get them in the shop.

Check out the work of Mario Minale and Kuniko Maeda on I rather like some of their other lacey stuff as well

(Found via OhMyGooshness - one of my new favourite design blogs).



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Finally I'm catching up on blog reading for this month, and what JOY to find you posting this, which I'd seen last month but forgot to bookmark and was mad about.

Loving all the pics of views and skies and so glad you've seen the mountains. Must email you properly, but till then, I'm glad things are working out and that your blogging is as fun as always!

I love that, and is it just me or does the pattern of the plate match the toast? That's Martha to the nth degree.

How fabulous I love it! Please get some in the shop so I can have one :)

oh! I love this little invention...
take care, grache

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