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25 November 2006

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was a blast!

An experiment in blurriness that worked out OK.  All the rest were just blurred...

We were invited by some friends of one of the Husband's colleagues, and they and their friends couldn't have been been more welcoming, despite never having met us before.

The Minx was beside herself with joy in a house full of balloons in the shapes of large turkeys, a selection of kids aged between one and four, two friendly cats. a large dog, one small Tinky Winky, more turkey than you could possibly eat (though she made a fair attempt) and popsicles for dessert.

On the menu were

huge prawns with chilli dip
roast turkey (brined beforehand.  Have never heard of this being done in the UK, so suspect it's an American thing.  It made for very moist and delicious meat, so I will definitely be trying this at home.)

stuffing (lumpier and breadier than British stuffing, but equally delicious)
mashed potatoes
a huge salad
butternut squash puree 
a spicy and very yummy cranberry sauce
a Cuban vegetable and polenta bake
pumpkin pie
pecan pie
strawberry and rhubarb pie

so all-in-all a very slimming and abstemious meal.

Viewing Thanksgiving from the other side of the world, it all seems like a rather unnecessary activity given that you're just going to do the self-same thing all over again a month later.

From here, though, it was all very festive and jolly and marks a very definite beginning to the holiday season which has put me in a deliciously Christmassy frame of mind.

Today we carried on the festive mood by joining in the celebrations in downtown Seattle.  We were glad that we made the effort to get up early for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

I'm sure it's not a patch on the New York equivalent, but the Minx enjoyed it very much.

After lunch at Pike Place market, we returned later in the evening for the lighting of the Christmas tree, big star on the Macy's building and the Minx's first fireworks (given that we managed to miss Guy Fawkes night).  If you're quick you should be able to find a video of the whole occasion here (Westlake Center lights up).

The Minx was entranced.


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