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20 December 2006

Nearly there

And so the Christmas rush is coming to an end for another year, though we're still getting some last-minute orders thanks in part to some great recent coverage of the cut-steel hanging garland in the Saturday Times  (yet another of my ridiculously amateurish photos makes it into the national press) and Saturday Telegraph,

and of our madly popular bathmelts in the Daily Express.

I don't think Helen wants to wrap another bathmelt as long as she lives.

It's been exhausting - lots of frantic emails flying backwards and forwards across the Atlantic in the wee small hours for me - but we've made it and I think the business has taken another huge step forward.  I would never have imagined we'd be in this position just ten weeks ago.

There is still time to place an order before Helen and I slump in a drunken stupor in front of the telly.

Place your order before 2pm on 22nd December and the Royal Mail promises to deliver it before Christmas.  We're even offering guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery for the price of standard delivery on all orders over £40. 


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I know exactly how you feel, this has been our first Christmas with a bit of free P.R. and the phone is still ringing! Glad you've done well this Christmas, your site is lovely and the blog is fab! Have done a link to you from my blog, hope you don't mind!
Enjoy the drunken stupor!
Lisa x

I love how you are operating your UK based business while moving/living in the States and bringing up hte Minx, it's so SUPER WOMAN-ey. Yey you Paola!

Thanks so much for your comments and friendship this year, it's been one of the nicest things about me starting my blog.

Happy Christmass Tinkly Jingle Jingle wishes to you and the family for your first US Christmas. And all good wishes for Mirror Mirror to take on another chunk of hte world in 2007!

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