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13 January 2007

Birthday girl

Shhhh.  Don't say anything,


but it's the Minx's birthday today.

The thing is that we're pretending that her birthday is next week, to give us time to organise a little get together for her here in Seattle (we already had a little birthday gathering for her in London) and to make sure that she doesn't explode from present overload.

So I have of course been feeling like the world's worst mother today because it was her birthday and she didn't even know.


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LOL! Thats really funny!

Love it! That's another six months of therapy lined up and waiting for her. I hope you're keeping track!!

Giggle! (Don't all parents do this sort of thing while they can still get away with it? I certainly will if I ever have children!!)

Well, Millie aged 11 (just) thinks that is the cruellest thing she has ever heard!! Does the Minx want the Childline number she asks.
Millie's birthday is only a few days before Christmas so we do know all about pressie overload and in fact now she's older she is wondering about having an official birthday in the summer so she can have an outdoor party and "summery" pressies from her friends wrapped in proper birthday paper rather than Christmassy stuff.
So you're waiting another week before the Minx says, without knowing quite what she means, "I'm two!" Happy unbirthday to you!

Wow. Good work on managing presents and birthday hoopla. But can you believe she is two already? Happy Birthday Season to the Minx.

Oh, thats too funny! Ha! You'll be paying for that later in therapy! Just kidding! I hope ;)

Not the world's worst mother by any stretch, and I hope the New Improved Party Date has gone off without a hitch. Yay to her for making it to two, and cheers to you parents as well!

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