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18 January 2007

Oh dear

So it's back.

I always get completely addicted to this show in its later stages but am getting sick and tired of the long drawn out 'bad audition' stages.

In fact, more than sick and tired - tonight's programme felt a bit like an end-of-the-pier freak show, and at times made for uncomfortable viewing. 

But view it we did, because tonight's auditions took place in Seattle.

Suffice it to say that I doubt very much whether American Idol will ever return here.  Blog readers in the UK, if you watch the ITV2 highlights show you'll start to understand what I'm up against here.


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Haven't watched the audition stages for a while - can't bear them. I'll wait until "Hollywood" at the earliest.

Thought you might have mentioned Jennifer Hudson in your Golden Globes piece - I was so pleased for her after she was booted off AI so early. (Shame about the acceptance speech, mind you...)


Didn't mention J-Hud because I've just been writing a review of Dreamgirls, which is going to be Film of the Month over on 'Living Gorgeously'.

I thought the acceptance speech was OK actually. She's been on every possible programme over here and is acquitting herself really well. A star is definitely born, though I've no idea how she tops the Effie White role.

Don't you just LOVE the auditions? I was laughing so hard this week, even my husband watched it and we had a great night just laughing at everyone (in a good way of course). These kids have amazing guts to audition like that! Simon is his usual self, Paula seems easily pleased, and Randy is patient and always willing to give someone a chance if he sees SOME talent. I have to admit, I barely watch Idol when the actual competition begins, but the auditions always have my attention.

It must feel weird for you watching the Seattle auditions and actually LIVING In AMERICA in SEATTLE right now!! I was thinking about you the other night when they said they were in Seattle.


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