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20 January 2007

The Ornamented Life

Oh, how I subscribe to the philosophy behind these products.  Why do things have to be functional and ugly when instead they can be beautifully designed and a pleasure to look at?

Washing up would be so much more fun if you could peer down at a pretty lace drain.


And why bother with disguising screws when instead you can just use decorative ones?

And carving the roast would no longer be the Husband's job if I had a chopping board with floral gutters to catch the meat juices.





And many more cakes would be made in the 'mirrormirror' household if I had these four beautiful ornamental cake tins, which can be arranged in all sorts of different ways.











All images from The Ornamented Life.  Sorry, I can't remember which blog I first found these on.


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I especially like the cake pans, form following function and all that.

Ooh that chopping board!
Long story, but I think you sent me an email which (to my home email) which I didn't get to read (technical probs) do you still have it on your system? Must have been between Christmas and now. I've put my temp email address on here.

ps I do indeed plan to enter L.Gorgeously Jan photo comp :-)

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