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22 March 2007

House proud

So today we closed on the house purchase. 

I can't quite believe it's happened.  You have no idea how many phone calls at 1 am we've had to make, chivvying up mortgage brokers, solicitors and bankers.  In fact it was touch and go until this morning whether the money would make it into our US bank account in time.

Tomorrow all the stuff which we last saw way back when will be unpacked, leaving us to gently move from our apartment to the new house on Saturday and Sunday.

Which is just as well, as then we're flying out to the UK on Monday for a week or so.

Great timing, n'est-ce pas? 

And I'm so itching to get a paintbrush out and go shopping and start lining up contractors and making plans etc. Still, it will be nice to have something to look forward to when we get back from the UK.


For those of you who have enquired whether the upstairs panelling was as bad as I was making out, here is a picture of the upstairs 'party kitchen'. Note too the worktops/countertops which are the same delightful green as the exterior of the house. Pleasedon't tell me you like them.


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Sooooooooo much potential and TONS of blog fodder!!!
Congrats - very exciting times!

"Please don't tell me you like them."

No, clearly they are hideous. But if you painted panelling in white/dove grey, wouldn't it look, err, Colonial or something?

Felicitations!! Break out the champagne! god, this is BIG. Celebrate this right here-- a big deal.

And, it is rather fortunate you will be in UK because you could maybe find some things there and get them sent over that you can't find stateside-- special, small things? fabric? a teapot? Who knows-- but I am sending you major congratulations!! This is big.

and, since I have hijacked your comments, I will be following your progress and hoping for inspiration as we moved into our dream house 2 years ago now and I am STILL nowhere near done with the interior dec . . *sigh*

Congratulations!!!!! This is so exciting! I am so pleased for you and your family. About the countertops: no, they are not good. I agree with lissie, though, you could make it better with different colored walls. Green counters would blend better with something analogous, rather than that red/orange.

That's ... pretty horrific. You win.

Elizabeth - the way I'm feeling about unpacking at the moment, I doubt I'll even have finished that in two years.

IHF - Why am I feeling so smug when you've just called my pride and joy 'pretty horrific'?

How exciting - congratulations! I can't wait to see what you do with the place!.. you make me want to move house and start all over again..

Curious to see where you're at these days. I'm about to embark on a remodeling project of my old 1949 kitchen.

Feels so warm.

Congratulations on your new home! It is quite difficult to scout for a new house, but you were able to make it through. Some would-be owners go all out on house shopping, while others just search the net or find some realtor to do it for them. But the key to finding your dream space is to arm yourself with research so you it will be easy to narrow down your choices. Anyway, good luck with the redecoration! I’m sure you will have fun painting your new home.

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