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28 March 2007

The street where we live

 was looking quite insanely pretty the day we moved in.

Note to self.  Don't ever, ever, ever move house and pack to go away on the same weekend. (Written sitting in the bathroom in the middle of the night at our hotel in London. I love jetlag.)


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You must be exhausted! Moving is such a trial, and travelling on top of it is just too much. This reminds me of the year we moved into a new house one day before we were supposed to be in Texas for Christmas. We threw everything into the house, slept on the floor, and got up early to rush for the airport. The Christmas visit had been scheduled many months before we even thought of buying a new house, so we had to go. The boys were four and six at the time, and it was their first ride on an airplane. We came back to the most incredible mess and a foot of snow. It all turned out all right, but I certainly would have done it differently if I could. Congratulations on getting through it and on your new house.

Congrats on making it back "home", I hope you make it out to enjoy some festivities for the holiday with the Minx, and when all else fails homemade cherry jam is a lovely thing and can be gifted to friends and relatives...

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

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