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12 March 2007

The Turquoise Dress

This is mostly for friends and family who read this blog, but I took some photos of the Minx wearing the beautiful dress her godmother gave her for her birthday and I thought you might like to see how grown up she has become.

She has also become immensely chatty and opinionated (have no idea where she gets that from); is very sociable, affectionate and friendly; has a definite, though rather slapstick, sense of humour; has managed to grow enough hair to warrant the use of a hairclip (though she never actually keeps one in for more than thirty seconds) and has become most decidedly pesky.  She is also showing signs of having inherited her maternal grandfather's nose (and believe me that's not a good thing).

I feel sad sometimes that I'll never see my baby again, but I am enjoying my little girl so much more.  I just wish she hadn't turned into a teenager quite so quickly.


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The Minx is adorable in her new dress. These photos will have you in tears when you come upon them a few years hence.

Oh she looks scurmptious! She's so grown! Congrats on the work of art, she truly is lovely.

She is sad that we can`t stop time sometimes!!!

Very nice.

On the subject of cute small blonde girls, if you were the guardian of Tiger Lily Hutchence, would you (a) attempt to make up for her extraordinary start in life by cocooning her in as much normality as possible, or (b) allow her to be cast as a psychotic child who murders her grandfather with a carving knife befoe growing up to dismember infants, as in ITV drama this week?

Just a thought.

Completely adorable. I, too, have been feeling that slight sadness that my little one won't be a baby again. My poor little 5 month boy keeps getting his cheeks and elbows chewed on, now that I see how quickly it goes!

Wow she really is growing up. So strange that I have never met her, yet I feel like friends and family when I see her here, having followed her sweet young life so far.

She looks stunning in her dress against those chocolatey colours. A delight.

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