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15 May 2007

Blaker Girl

Pic taken on phone, so not very good quality

So any street cred I might once have possessed was torn to shreds on Friday, when the Minx and I found ourselves in the square in front of the Westlake Center cheering for Blake Lewis, Seattle's representative in the final 3 of American Idol, on his homecoming tour.  

I know he's a bit of an 80s throwback (I just love the way the American Idol judges seem to think that beatboxing has only just been invented) but then so am I and I like the fact that he's into dance music and is trying to do something a bit different on AI . Anyway, I went along mostly out of curiosity - and because it was something different to do with the Minx - but actually ended up having a pretty good time.  Though I still reckon that Blake will end up being a much better producer than he is a recording artist.  I'm sure the powers that be are dreading a possible Blake victory as Blake is clearly a prominent member of the Seattle underground hip-hop scene and it's not going to be easy getting him to make the requisite album of syrupy goo.

The clip below is long, but includes Blake's version of Keane's Somewhere Only We Know and a duet on Baby Got Back with Sir Mix-a-lot.

Blake comes across as a very typical Seattleite - very pleasant and down-to-earth with an endearing geeky eccentricity and a total disregard of what other people might think.  I like Seattleites very much.

I'm finding it fascinating to see at first hand how much Americans identify with their cities and states.  While Europeans seem to focus on monumentally important national rivalries, here it's all about the state. While it would never do to admit it, Seattle is quietly thrilled about Blake. Look for me and the Minx in the crowd when they show the clips on telly on Wednesday night.

Editing to say:  My forehead appeared on international telly last night peeking from behind a sign during Blake's homecoming.  In order to spot it you would have to a) know which sign b) watch it frame by frame in HDTV.

And no UK peeps, I'm not telling you the result...


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Paula you are my salvation.... Please, please vote for Blake a million times, I'll pay pal the money to you. I love him and I can't vote. I have asked my aunt to vote for him a million times to but I don't think that will be enough cos I think smilely doolittle will win!! No I can't let that happen...
Pretty please and tell all your friends to do so to. I'm counting on you sweetie...

He he! FCG, I KNEW this would bring you out of the woodwork. I haven't voted once this season because I don't really mind who wins out of this lot (if Blake were up against Katharine McPhee it might be different). And I think you have to worry about Jordin more than Mindy Doo.

In defense of the American tendency to focus on State alliegences, do remember the size of this country. We'd have few folks to argue with or name Different if we didn't start picking on each other by State (the rest of the world is far too far away to actually keep track of. I'm sorry, where were you from again? ;P).

No kidding, you SAW him? So cute! I would have invented an excuse to go downtown too if I lived in Seattle. I voted for Melinda Doolittle based on her voice, but when it comes to cuteness factor and beat box, Blake was the man!

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