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19 May 2007

Press Release

I realise I've been so caught up in moving house and thinking about doing it up that it's been the longest time since I blogged about the business. 

It's been chugging along quite nicely for the last few months, though not growing as spectacularly as I would have wished, as I just haven't been able to focus on it as much as I would like.

Hello, my name is Paola, and I'm a magazine addict...

But hopefully things will be changing going forward.  The big news is that last month I let go of our PR company.  We've worked with Plum pretty much since mirrormirror was founded and for the first year or so they did a fairly good job for us - getting us coverage in most of the broadsheet newspapers and spots in magazines such as Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, Homes & Gardens and InStyle.

But I think they got a bit complacent last autumn and call-ins and coverage started to to dry up.  Unfortunately for them this coincided with me adding a 'how did you hear about us?' button to the site which meant that I could finally monitor exactly how much profit was being generated via press mentions.  And it wasn't enough to justify the high cost of the retainer.

So, from now on, and for pretty much the first time ever, we're going it alone, which feels rather scary.  We're in the process of compiling an in-house press list and are going to be developing a journalists' newsletter and image library. 

The good news is that this has freed up a chunk of change each month to spend on different forms of advertising and marketing and introducing more new products, which will make life much more fun.

If you're a journalist yourself, or edit or write a fashion or design blog and would like to be added to the email list then please contact me. I promise to send you no more than one email a month (and that's only if I get myself super organised!)


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Oh I know that feeling Paola...scary but so satisfying when you do get the press!

Been there done all that. The way you are going is definately the best.To be honest I got more business from blog mentions than I ever did from the press though there are some exceptions especially the Sunday Supplements and The London Evening Standard. If you need any advice I would be happy to give you some.

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