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14 June 2007

Much Rug Excitement

Sometimes I'm really pleased I started this blog.

After I wrote my post about my Emma Gardner rug pipedream, the wonderful Patrick from the company emailed me and offered me a trade discount. And then I measured up and found that I could get away with a comparatively small rug, and that if we didn't eat for a hundred years, we could just about afford it.

And then I focused on the fact that a silk rug really isn't compatible with a small girl in the main living area, and that it doesn't really fit into my mood board at all and decided to commission it for the small sitting area in our bedroom instead.  It should be ready in 16-20 weeks time and I am completely beside myself with excitement.

Do you think it goes with that Designer's Guild wallpaper? From these images it looks like the blues are not quite compatible and that it might be altogether too much of a good thing.  But samples of both will be obtained for your consideration.



In the meantime, I think I've sourced a rug for the main room.  What do you think of this?

It's an Angela Adams 'Lulu' rug - strangely appropriate some might say.  

I've only seen them in blue before but saw this online and think the colour and the contemporary curves would fit really well into the scheme below. (That's what I love about mood boards - they make decision making so much easier).

The only problem about ordering this now is that I've still got a red fireplace and yellow walls and I think a lime green rug might be altogether a bit much. MUST.FIND.PAINTERS. 


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Love the rug and feel you can never go wrong with Designers Guild paints. I use them on the Ghost furniture.

Oh, that cherry blossom rug is too beautiful for words. I wish I had something to trade (does he need a small child, heh heh?)

oh wow. i really love that rug! is that GOLD? pardon my ignorance.. how does a silk rug feel different underfoot from a wool or shag rug?

It's just as gorgeous on your site as it is on mine. I'm scared.

Beautiful rug, love the colors and the cherry blossom patterns! Quite unique!

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