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10 August 2007

Just Hanging About

I need your help again.

One of the first things I specced into the garden design was a wicker or rattan hanging egg chair, and I was delighted when other people picked up on the idea. But I had no idea it would be so difficult to source one here in the US.

Habitat in the UK had a great one of course (oh how I miss that shop), at a very reasonable price (£55 about $110) but it's now sold out and there's no way I could have transported it over here anyway.







Unicahome, of course, imports the original and very beautiful ones from Europe but they are fiendishly expensive and far too good to keep outdoors.







I found another one which I love and which would be perfect, but is located in New Zealand

and another one in the US which looks very similar to me but is still far too expensive.

So does anyone have any other ideas?

The whole design for the garden depends upon you. 

Up very early tomorrow to get the Clipper to Victoria to visit my friend there for a long weekend.  Since we're in a gardening frame of mind, a visit to the very amazing-looking Butchart Gardens is on the agenda.


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I have no idea where you might find a chair like that (but they look like great fun!). Do have a lovely time in Victoria, minus any pukeyness, and tell me how the gardens are.

Yes, I hope your trip will be much smoother this time, and lots of fun. Wave after you go through Deception Pass.

Oh don't rub it in, you know I want one. Anyway, that habitat one was £110 until it went in the sale for about five nanoseconds after which you could not get for love nor money.

Have been kicking self so often about not buying that have permanently bruised shins.

Hi - I know its been years since you were searching for this - but did you ever find a wicker or rattan hanging egg chair? I'm on the same hunt!

I've been searching, also. Fran's wicker ( has the late 70's version both in outdoor rattan (polyresin) or natural. Both come in white or natural...both are $195 (plush about 90 to ship).
I'm buying the one they call Victorian hanging chair. I like the openings on the side and the all weather version of that one looks pretty realistic. I'm hanging mine outside. I happen to live in NJ and Frans wicker is only 30 min away, so I'm saving on shipping. But rest assured, Frans has the lowest price by HALF since most are 450 and up...even to 1500 on other sites (USD). Search hanging chair, and you'll see them. Good luck!

Have you looked at (or cant remember which?

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