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04 August 2007

One More Time


More pics and picture credits HERE

Now that everyone's videos are up on You Tube (how I love video camera phones), I'm just popping in to say that if you're into electronic dance music and Daft Punk come anywhere within a thousand mile radius of your home, just sell your grandmother and go see them.

We saw them last Sunday at Seattle's fabulous state-of-the-art WAMU Theater and had the most amazing time.  Just two robots, a mesmerising electronic pyramid, a kickass sound system, and the most insane and incredible light show ever (this review memorably calls it 'a Vegas night show from space' which sums it up perfectly).

I danced my knickers off and went home sweaty, exhausted but on an incredible high.  Why don't they make workout videos like this?

We went to see The Killers about six weeks ago who were also pretty amazing. Seems like the WAMU is attracting a lot of top names to Seattle which is great news.


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