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23 September 2007


I've been looking for a good excuse to get some gorgeous Moo mini-cards for a long time, and it occurs to me that they would make really cute mirrormirror gift tags if I got them made up using product images and tied them with ribbon.

The only problem is that they're rather small (only half the size of a conventional business card) and we hand-write every gift message, so there's going to be a limit to how many words we can fit on each card.

However, if we printed the message, we'd be able to fit a whole lot more on.  But is a printed message too impersonal? What do you prefer when giving and receiving gifts online? Has anyone seen any great gift tag ideas they'd like to share?


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We bought bedlinen for the Minx yesterday. She is THRILLED.  I will post a picture later in the week, together with a definitive guide to the differences between US and UK bedlinen etiquette. I know you can't wait.


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I have had business cards, swing tickets and Moo Cards punched with a hole and tied with ribbon to show various pieces of Ghost Furniture. They are fantastic quality and are even matt laminated. If you want to see images of them I will be pleased to email you some just let me know.
I think you would get a message on them as I write a product code and a price on mine and it has typed copy also.
I am their no 1 fan.

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