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20 September 2007


 One of the books I read on the interminable flight to England was The Secret

Fortunately my personal trainer lent it to me as I really didn't fancy actually paying for it, but I was interested to see what all the hype was about.

It's a very easy read and in essence is just all about the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction, which you can find in lots of self-help books.  It goes a bit further than some books I've read though, by suggesting that you just have to ask the Universe (always capitalised, natch) for something and if you fully believe that you will receive it and act as if it's already in the bag then the Universe will deliver.  Apparently the Universe is just one big mail-order company.

Which is of course all a load of old drivel.  Except that life always seems to go better for me when I have a positive attitude.

So, we are going to conduct a little experiment.  In an ideal world,  I would like to ask the Universe for mirrormirror to be acquired over the next month for millions of pounds with me retaining overall executive responsibility and an extremely fat salary.  But I think I would have difficulty mustering the necessary belief for that one. But maybe next month.

Instead I am going to request that mirrormirror achieves some sort of significant leap forward over the next 30 days  - over and above what it would normally achieve (which shouldn't be difficult as September and October are usually very slow in mirrormirror land). I'm going to think and act as if mirrormirror were already phenomenally successful, weed out any negative thinking, and then on the 20th October note any great breakthroughs - such as meaningful spike in the volume of orders or visitors, a fabulous piece of PR or just links from great blogs or websites. Or any other ways in which the Universe chooses to help mirrormirror grow.  I'm really not fussy.

Interestingly, since I read the Secret on the journey out to the UK and tried to think positively at all times, there has been a mini-flurry in orders and I've had two major pieces of luck, involving a handbag left behind in a taxi and an empty house with an unlocked door. Cue spooky Twilight Zone sort of music.   


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Maybe there is something to this "Secret" stuff. I am a believer! Aim High, think Positively and you can not go wrong. I'm rooting for you.

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