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16 October 2007


And there I was, just feeling that doing our own PR was one of the best decisions I'd made in a long time (check out another fab mention on Di Overton's awesome Designer's Block) when the mirrormirror website just disappeared from the Internet...

Cue a Sunday of panic as we tried in vain to contact the hosting company to find out what on earth was happening.  They finally deigned to let us know late on Monday morning that they'd had a major outage and that various servers required reconfiguration. 

The site is now back online, but online ordering still isn't working (36 hours later), so if you're thinking of buying something may I suggest that you call us on 0845 257 3079.

And if you're foolish enough to be thinking of setting up a online e-commerce site, may I suggest that you avoid Lynx Internet's hosting like the plague.


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Oh! Ouch! I hope it all gets sorted out really quickly!

Oh God I know what this sort of thing feels like... dire... poor you. Our online ordering packed in for a bit last month and it's just awful.

How bad was that? But have you seen the responses to my post? Your stuff has gone down so well.

Gulp, oh Paola, that's just awful. We had a similar thing happen with our hosts in August and were unable to take orders for over a week. At times I actually thought I might have a heart attack!

On the upside, what a gorgeous piece of coverage in H & G - well done you.

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