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15 October 2007

Homes & Garden

I'm so excited about this - an utterly fabulous bit of coverage in November's Homes & Garden magazine.


There we are, right in the middle, and in company with some of the very best online shops in the UK.  And they've even used the photo of the Hannah Tofalos stacking jars, which I took on our dining room table.


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Fab - well done! Was this a result of your own PR?

Do you know, I'm really not sure.

We were a website of the month for them back in 2005 but I dealt with them directly then and they didn't come through the PR company, so I don't know how they came across us. This time too they approached us directly for the gift guide, but not as a result of any release we'd sent out.

So we're obviously on their radar, but I'm not sure how!

a very good radar to be on!

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