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12 December 2007

The little town that could

In the early years of the twentieth century, the town of Leavenworth in the Cascade mountains was a successful lumber and railway town.  But the re-routing of the railway brought economic ruin and by the middle of the twentieth century the town was on the brink of collapse.

So it decided, as you would, to reinvent itself as a Bavarian Alpine village, hold Bavarian-themed events throughout the year and turn itself into a tourist destination.

When we first heard about Leavenworth, we were very sniffy - how twee, how kitsch, how Disney, it must be!

Here we are in 'Bavaria'

But this weekend we decide to venture forth in search of snow and Christmas and had the most amazing fun. And all only two hours from Seattle.

We sledded; listened to alpenhorns; ate wiener schnitzel, apfel strudel and wurst by open fires; visited the twee-in-a-good-way shops; stalked Santa; drank German bier; rode in a horse-drawn carriage through the snowy streets; and stayed to see the town lit up in one of the best Christmas light displays in the US.

The Husband is getting so excited about the beginning of the ski season.  What with househunting etc. last year he didn't get the chance to go much but he's ready to hit the slopes in a big way after Christmas.  And the Minx already has her salopettes and ski jacket at the ready (I've never seen a man so keen to buy children's clothes), although the only thing she knows about skiing is a picture in her Miffy book.


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Not true. There's also the famous skiing scene in "Olivia helps with Christmas".

Looks like so much fun!

We (from Vancouver) wanted to go there for Oktoberfest this past year but never made it. I hear its a blast.

You've just given me Big Bad craving for snow. I love that lit up house that looks just like a ginger bread house.

I still haven't been here -- just drove through on the way to a friend's wedding.

Season's Greetings Paola!
And what a truly seasonal spectcular this post is, the Minx will remember that trip always, so much fun.

Sorry I've not been by much, been a tough year and the people who tell the best most engaging stories in their blogs (like you) have been the ones I've visited least because I get so into them and can't help but respond...which then exhausts me.

But I wanted to be sure and come by to wish you a wonderful Christmas and remind you that if ever you want one of my photo's I can send by email for you to print (I know, still no scanner, printer etc - crazy).

Lovely to see wee Minx with the wind her hair. Not sure which continent you'll be on for the hols but wherever you are I hope you enjoy it immensely. Much love to you...Cally xxxx

we go to a little town in helen, geogia each october for octoberfest that also reinvented itself as a bavarian town! In geogia of all places!

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