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22 January 2008

Abigail Percy Earrings

I've finally got round to photographing some new earrings from Abigail Percy.  Both feature her signature leaves - sweet horse chestnut leaves above and aquilegia leaves below.  I thought they looked great photographed with a couple of Karin Eriksson pieces as both artists like to play with outlines of leaves in their own different ways.

The sweet horse chestnut earrings are hand-pierced in sterling silver and I can't imagine how much work goes into creating each one. 

The deliberately mis-matched aquilegia leaves are gold plated and then beautifully textured with linen. That girl is quite ridiculously clever and is also writing a great guest blog this week over on Design*Sponge.

I'm so pleased with these pictures as they are the first I've taken with my new daylight light, which meant I could take them in comparatively dull light. A new age of mirrormirror photography is dawning. Why did I never use proper photography lighting before?


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Beautiful! The jewelry and your photos! What lighting are you using?

Thanks Nicole! I've just bought myself a 'sparkler' light with a daylight bulb from here

However I didn't use it with the table top studio, just on a table with some dull daylight coming from behind. I am a total novice when it comes to photography lights.

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