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31 January 2008

mirrormirror on the telly?

thismorningA researcher from This Morning has called in the Bee Mirror for a feature which is supposed to be happening tomorrow (Thursday 31st January).

Keep everything crossed that it happens. It will be fascinating to see what sort of impact TV exposure has on sales


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Fingers are crossed!

Updates! Updates! Did this happen??? I am sending you tons of good vibes and wishes!

I used to get a lot of business for from TV mentions. They always put links on their websites for people to follow up. Good Luck

Well apparently, if you were particularly looking out for it and had very good eyesight, you might just have seen the mirror poking out from behind a Laura Ashley sofa on the set. Unfortunately it wasn't highlighted or commented on in any way.

It is however on the website as part of a discussion on nature in interiors.

So I can't say it's had a huge impact on orders though I suppose the good news is that we're on the TV researchers' radar...

We were going to make a YouTube video of this auspicious moment, but my colleague's husband managed to delete the recording. So mirrormirror's moment of glory has already been consigned to history :)

from little acorns...

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