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16 January 2008


The 'January' page from the beautiful letterpress calendar I got from Green Chair Press

I know, late again.  But I had a birthday party to organise.

Even though I didn't do particularly well with last year's, (I failed in all of them except the last one) here are my resolutions for this year since writing things down is supposed to make them happen (I may have to get this book).

Get thin - last year I resolved to lose 2 stone (28lbs).  I didn't manage to do that but am thrilled to have lost 11lbs so far since starting WeightWatchers in November.  Finally something seems to be working and I'm actually finding it comparatively do-able, so now there's no excuse.

Get dancing - I made that resolution last year too, but had to give up salsa dancing after two sessions because my left foot was in agonizing pain.  Lots of chiropractic over the past year has done a lot to sort out my foot and back problems (though spraining my ankle badly in the summer didn't help). I've also just started a course of ten Rolfing sessions, which, although fairly excruciating while it's happening, could turn out to be the best thing I've ever done. So ballroom dancing classes here I come!

Get organised - now that the Minx is going to school for one extra day a week I've got a bit more time to do all that deep-seated organisational stuff instead of chasing my tail all the time. I might even get round to unpacking all the stuff we brought from England. We even went to Ikea this weekend to buy storage and organisational things.  The first project is my workspace in our bedroom.

Get making - I've recently realised that I live round the corner from one of the most incredible bead shops I've ever come across and they run jewellery-making classes.  So I've signed up for Beginners' Beading and Beginners' Wire Wrapping.

Get going on the house - all the house remodelling stuff rather ground to a halt last year but now I'm full of ideas and raring to go now.  First up I've lined up a consultation with this lady (who comes highly recommended by Daily Candy -Seattle).  I'm hoping she will be able to help me cut through all the design overwhelm that is bogging me down at the moment and also help me source stuff in Seattle and the US in general. I need to tidy before she comes though.

Get photographing- this year I want to take my photography to a whole new level, both with my new table-top studio and also in general.  Maybe even open a little Etsy shop to sell prints and postcards of my work.  We'll see.

Get blogging - Now I've got more time, I  also want to take this blog to another level.  Not a design blog per se, but include lots more design inspiration, lots more house stuff and lots more photography.

Get rich - last year I resolved to double mirrormirror's revenues.  That didn't happen, though when we do the annual accounts this year, I'm hoping that we'll see it became a lot more profitable after ditching the PR company. But I feel like it's in a great place currently.  I'm loving working with my friend Diane back in the UK, so hopefully things will be staying as they are for the foreseeable future, which gives us a fab platform to work off. And if I now have 50% more time to dedicate to the business then revenues must go up by at least 50%, no?


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Wow you are going to be buy. Best of luck with it all. I love that you are thinking of selling your photos.

Not sure if I've commented here before or not... if not, I'm officially coming out of "lurk-ville" now ;)

I enjoy your blog and your store & live in Everett btw.

I read your list and it's like I was reading my own!...(generally speaking), I'm not really one to make resolutions but I do see the New Year as a new beginning of sorts and I've been thinking of the things that I'd like to accomplish during 2008 and my list almost matches yours...I used to be a big salsa dancer and miss it, I bought a new camera and now I want to learn how to take really good photos, and so on, just struck me when I read so many things similar to what's been on my mind for the new year so had to drop a note and say Hi! Oh, and sorry for the Iliad of a comment! :)


Love your "get rich" goal.

I keep reading about an organization called Make Mine a Million that helps women business owners kick their small businesses into high gear. Their reason for being is that so many small business are owned by women, but those business *stay small* too long and they want women to get a bigger piece of the pie by helping them plan for growth.

SCORE has offices everywhere, including Seattle, and they will basically do that same. Free.

Good luck! Keep us posted. I love reading about entrepreneurs.

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