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21 January 2008

Shades of Grey and A Farewell

The Minx and I (the Husband went skiing instead) set off for Victoria, BC this weekend to say farewell to my great friend Lisa who is off backpacking in India for a year at the beginning of March.

Living comparatively close to her has been one of the highlights of living in Seattle and the Minx and I will really miss her.  I doubt we'll popping over to Victoria so often either and will miss its reassuring Englishness and its fabulous bookshop full of English authors and childrens' books (I'm finding a lot of American childrens' books unbearably sanctimonious and twee).

This time we flew out on one of tiny six seater seaplanes which we watch all day landing in and taking off from Lake Union (why is it terribly romantic to be in the flight path of floatplanes whereas we'd be complaining like mad if we had the same number of jets flying overhead?)

Flying past the Space Needle in black and white

The Sound was blanketed with cloud as we flew (must do this again in summer) but you can just make out all the islands below the clouds).  This is a colour photo.

A grey day is still good for the beach.

Though we did see some blue sky


Girls on tour.  A tremendously unflattering picture of the Minx and I messing about with the camera while waiting to get the boat home. You really wouldn't want to mess with us, would you? 


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I love the Minx's builders bum picture :)

Not only I will miss you this year, I think Victoria will miss your enthusiasm for her. Will have you over for afternoon tea as soon as I'm back in pouring distance (definitely without the trifle).

Alright, you have to do a post of children's book reviews -- U.S. and U.K. No fair saving the snark all to yourself!

Also, lovely photos, as always.

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