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18 January 2008

Sugar Almond Colours

The winter sky is grey as per flippin' usual here in Seattle, but this fashion shoot from the February edition of BritishVogue just reeks of summer.

I love everything about it - the minimalist lines juxtaposed with the frothy, girly fashions; the sugar candy colours; the playful purple shadows and that bright, bright white summery light.  And that sea. It sure beats the steel grey of Lake Union that I can see through my bedroom window as I work at my desk.

Apropos of pretty much nothing at all, I remembered at the weekend that about fifteen years ago I visited a clairvoyant in a gipsy caravan on the seafront at Weymouth and he told me that he saw me living in 'a country beginning with A, with a view over the water'.  Spooky eh?


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Can't wait for summer in the country that stars with A.

i just clicked over from belle vivir. i enjoyed my visit!

I am sitting at my desk at the window and it is peeing down and everything is gray and black so the pictures have cheered me up no end. Roll on Spring

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