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13 February 2008

Creature Comforts Blogroll

About a hundred years late as per usual - it's already been extensively raved about elsewhere in the blogosphere -  here's what mirrormirror  looks like on Ez's fabulous illustrated blogroll on Creature Comforts - easily the most beautiful blogroll on the web.


I was intrigued to see which images she would choose from all the random pics I've posted up, and whether they would capture the 'brand' that mirrormirror has - in my own head at least.

I LOVE what she's put together, if anything it's nicer than I would have put together myself.  It's very clever how she's pulled together the yellow, aqua and grey colour palette  (what a great and unexpected colour combination) and juxtaposed the silhouetted and cut-out leaf shapes

Interestingly I wouldn't have chosen those actual images,  but the use of colour and pattern, the mix of contemporary and girly and the clean lines are all what I would love mirrormirror to exemplify, so I'm so glad Ez picked up on them.  A career as a 'brand psycho-analyst' clearly beckons for her.


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She did one for me too, and it is as though she knew me better than I knew myself.

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