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16 February 2008

I'm a lucky girl - part 1

Sometimes the Husband gets things so right.


Bouquet from Fleurish - the best florist we have come across in Seattle.  I love how they enclose a little card telling you what's in the bouquet.


Also much loving the use of ripening blackberries in the bouquet - though I have no idea where they get them at this time of year.


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It's lovely -- hope it was a wonderful VD. ;)

That is a stunning bouquet! Clever husband. :)

First time reader - also a Seattle resident - love your blog and your store! Thought you might enjoy checking out Juniper Flowers- anotehr great florist in Seattle.

Thanks Erin! Their website looks stunning. I shall foward to the Husband for future reference....

your flowers are spectacular -- really nice Paola!!

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