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17 March 2008

A Bag with Bangs


In general I've found it better to use words like 'elevator' and 'eggplant' (rather than lift and aubergine) round these parts in order to have any chance of being understood.  I still though, find myself far too embarrassed to say 'bangs' (the American word for a fringe of hair over your forehead).  I mean, where on earth did that come from?

I've just finished the Minx's little messenger bag - and contrary to normal experience, I'm not so very fed up of knitting that I never wish to pick up needles again.  In fact I've just started a new project.

The bag was the perfect way to get back into knitting - easy enough to knit mindlessly, while the moss stich embellishment I added was just enough to stop it becoming unbelievably tedious. The best bit though was making the fringe (PLEASE don't tell me Americans call a fringe on a thing 'bangs' as well), which I'd never done before.

After knotting it all up I was supposed to give the bag a hair cut and make the fringe even round the bottom. As you can see I didn't really succeed (the right hand side is definitely longer than the left) but I was terrified of getting into one of those haircutting situations where you keep cutting at it to make it even and end up with a fringe (or indeed bangs) that look like Herman Munster's (the Minx has a permanently wonky fringe for the same reason).

The only downside with this bag is the garter stitch strap. The Minx's first action was to put a heavy jigsaw puzzle into the bag and it stretched so much that it hung somewhere around her knees...

I'll try and get a photo of Minx and bag to post up, so you can see the full effect.


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I'm with you on the bang thing. What on earth has bang got to do with hair????

It's beautiful - I love the color (and the bangs as well.) One day I shall tell my fanny story which occurred in Dublin. A fanny in America is just a tush, nothing more.

Pink, you are such a tease. Please don't tell me that a fringe on a bag is called bangs as well?

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