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23 March 2008

I'm knitting socks!

I think there comes a time in every knitter's life when they consider whether to knit socks. 

I think socks come more naturally to Americans than the British because Americans are far more used to knitting 'in the round' on circular needles.  In the UK I think I'm right in saying that more people knit, as I do, on long straight needles (which are very difficult to find here). So the idea of knitting on four tiny double pointed needles scared the heebie jeebies out of me.


But one of the things which is so inspiring about Yarnstorm's book/blog are the fabulous socks she turns out and when I came across this crazy yarn, I decided that the time had come for me to learn.

Thank god for YouTube.  The basic sock pattern they sent with the wool was completely incomprehensible to me as I'd never even watched anyone knit socks before and couldn't even fathom out how to set up the needles.  YouTube truly is a fabulous resource for knitters and I found this series of tutorials particularly clear and useful.

I'm loving watching the yarn resolve itself into skinny stripes.  The colours graduate through all the warm colours of the spectrum and I love the way they play off each other to create different, unexpected, combinations and textures. I thought the socks might end up too garish for words but they're actually almost subtle. And the Minx is very, very jealous indeed.


I've actually nearly finished the first sock and am totally addicted.  There's enough mindless knitting around the circle that I can knit in front of dreadful reality TV and enough complicated stuff to ensure that I don't lose my mind with boredom.  And they're small enough to pander to my project ADD.


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Good luck with the sock knitting! If you find yourself frustrated with DPNs, you can try Addi Turbo circular needles in the 12" length--they are perfect for socks (and for baby hats and sweater sleeves, too!). You'll still have to fiddle with DPNs at the toe and heel, but the circulars make the "straightaway" knitting pretty fast going. And no ladders!

Ooh, that sounds like a good tip. I'm enjoying knitting on the DPNs but there are definite lines running down the sides at the joins.

But I've never used circular needles! That will be my next project.

I had no idea that Americans knit on circular needles. See I'm never to old to learn

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